About Us

Our team has decades of design, production, and retail experience and a passion for the benefits of cannabis. 

Not only do we have decades of industry experience, but we also partner with AgTech engineers, researchers, and maverick investors who are focused on staying up to date with a constantly evolving cannabis community. Whether you’re building a new facility or need to upgrade an existing one, we have the knowledge, skills and relationships to help make your vision a reality.


Facility & Cultivation Design

With over 15 years of experience in the cannabis industry, Stephen is a passionate and innovative leader who strives to advance the art and science of cannabis cultivation. As the Head of Cultivation at 2Bridges Cannabis Design, he leads a team of departmentalized experts who design and advise on strategic decisions for producing cannabis at scale, with a focus on quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

Stephen has a proven track record of designing and leading successful cultivation projects, from booting up 55,000sf in Providence, RI in 2015, to pioneering high intensity LED cultivation with leading university researchers and publicly traded cannabis companies. He enjoys collaborating with diverse stakeholders and solving complex challenges with creative and data-driven solutions. Stephen's goal is to contribute to the growth and development of the cannabis industry and the communities it serves.


Operations, Lab & Retail

Erik has more than a decade of experience in cultivation, extraction, retail, and operations management. He operated a solventless lab for four years while opening and operating two dispensaries and delivery services in California. He went on to receive one of the first recreational licenses in Oregon in 2014, which included a dispensary, home, and wholesale delivery. Three years later, he moved on to Florida and oversaw eight dispensary openings. Erik’s leadership and meticulous attention to customer service has allowed him to open and successfully operate 11 dispensaries in three states.  


Post-Harvest & Manufacturing

Josh blazed a trail alongside Stephen, leading the largest processing department of its time, handling up to 250 pounds every week. As one of the first in the industry to implement automated trimming and packaging equipment, he continues to be on the frontlines learning the innovations around large-scale production. Josh became VP of Operations for a CBD start-up company that is now publicly traded. While there, he designed a large-scale, closed loop hemp extraction machine to create CBD crude oil, distillate, and isolate for wholesale purchasing. 


Site Design & Landscape Architecture

Michael is a plant-centric design professional: Cannabis Compliance Consultant, Arborist, Master of Landscape Design, and Landscape Architect. For 25 years he has been in the practice of consultations, planning, construction and project management in commercial contexts.  Michael has been involved at ownership, design and operations levels with cannabis facilities in RI, MA, and ME for licensure, system design, compliance, and cultivation management.



Zack has been on the front lines of the Rhode Island cannabis industry for over 10 years from trimming and scrubbing pots to Director of Operations and then being one of the first to acquire a Class B medical / adult use cultivation hybrid license. Zack has been involved in the entire process of application writing, facility design, capital raise and all aspects of operations. He's also worked with Doyle testing high PPFD grow techniques in multi-tier settings and continues to push the boundaries researching and testing the advancements being made in the industry. Zack's brand has achieved 1st place recognition in multiple contests in the state.  


Sales & Project Management

Rich started his career in Asia-Pacific, facilitating international IT software/hardware sales and marketing opportunities in Vietnam, Mongolia, Tokyo, Malaysia, Singapore, and China. This helped to propel his career into cybersecurity and IT operations technology sales and account management. After starting his own company to bring a channel sales model to the cannabis space, Rich was tapped to lead sales, project management, and strategic relations for 2Bridges.


Legal Affairs & Business Planning

Rob is an attorney and military veteran with degrees in engineering, business, public policy, and law. His diverse fields of study have enabled him to hold unconventional roles that span from strategic planning for high-growth start-ups to litigation to structuring corporate mergers and acquisitions.  



With a degree in business and after five years working with an executive search firm, Heidi founded a yoga studio where she taught classes and directed a team of 15 for ten years. As she’s married to 2Bridges founder Stephen, Heidi has witnessed the birth of the cannabis industry as well as the complexities that come with it.