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Always customized for you.

Facility Assessment 

Whether you just received your license, are building a new facility or you’re investing in an existing facility, we know how to help you mitigate risk, reduce costs, and get the most value out of your project. Our particular areas of focus are:

Equipment selection
Crop rotation strategies
Lighting equipment & PPFD utilization
Production schedules
IPM Strategies & Biosecurity
Genetic & Product selection
Software & Compliance

S.W.O.T. Analysis

After our meticulous review, we provide you with real solutions in this analysis. We educate you on the strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats of your design and operations, all while considering your license / budget / market constraints so you can make informed decisions.

This can be used as part of your monthly, quarterly, or annual review process.


Tailored to your facility size and company goals, our team delivers numbers you can confidently make decisions from, inclusive of production plans, throughputs, equipment costs, staffing and recurring costs.

Preliminary estimates can be provided for the Pre-Design Phase, while comprehensive projections complete with accurate quotes and real production plans comes with our comprehensive design services. A must for anyone investing in a production facility.

"A hardworking, detail-oriented partner, 2Bridges communicated effectively and managed tasks well. Their passion for the industry was reflected in their transparency and top-quality work."

Brian Dowling, CEO
Sussex Cultivation